About Us

Shady Tree Press is a new, small publisher located in New York City. We release on average three books per year and due to our “boutique” size are forced to be very selective. We only publish quality fiction, memoirs, and children’s books. No paranormal, science fiction, graphic sex, or gratuitous violence.

  • President: Irene Gingold
  • Editor: Joy Toboroff (fiction)
  • Editor: Dawn Jamieson (memoirs)
  • Editor: Kati Osvath (children’s books)
  • Cover Artists: Sonja Lohmeyer and Dennis Kreibich



*  Booksellers and Libraries receive a 55% discount and free shipping

*  Our books are returnable for up to two years

*  Please place your order at orders.shadytreepress@gmail.com

*  All orders will be processed immediately